buying_green_study_0409A recent national poll by Harris Interactive [with BBC World News America of 2,123 adults surveyed online between April 6 and 8, 2009] found that more than two thirds of those who purchase green products or services said their green buying habits have not changed because of the recession. 26% said they’ve actually increased their purchase of “green” goods or services. Only 8%of green purchasers said the economy has reduced their buying of green products and services.

Among the 73% of those who reported buying green products 67% reported buying the same, 26% are buying more green products and 8% are buying less.

This finding backs up anecdotal evidence from retailers that there exist resilient preferences among wealthier consumers for perceived higher value products during the recession. This is of interest to sustainableslump since these same consumers are also interested in supporting sustainable development in developing countries through both food purchases [such as Fair Trade] and in other parts of their life [such as charitable donations]. This survey’s finding begins to give salve to worries that falling donations, through trade and donations by developed world consumers would imact severely on efforts to support sustainable development in developing countries.